The Ghosts of Mariposa
Audience Response:

“I just wanted to send you an email and let you know how much I enjoyed The Ghosts of Mariposa. The actors were awesome. The message was poignant, made me realize how blessed we are in regards to our relationships. We sure take many things for granted. I cried like you wouldn't believe. I still get emotional when I think about it!” - Lynne Comer, Manager, Christian Horizons Group Homes, Orillia

“WOW! OK WOW again.I needed kleenx. I thought it was so well written! The actors were very powerful and yet very respectful in portraying those with disabilities.” - Karen Bell, BA, MEd, Faculty, Child and Youth Worker Program, Georgian College, Orillia

“If The Ghosts of Mariposa ever returns to town, you have to go see it. Anyone who worked [at the Huronia Regional Center] will instantly recognize aspects of the three main characters, who are out and living in the community. Anyone who worked there will also recognize the humour. I have to say it was one of the most enjoyable theatre experiences I’ve had at the Opera House.” - John Swartz, Arts and Entertainment Reviewer, The Packet and Times (Orillia)

“Great script! We talked all the way home! Thanks!” - Katja Van den Enden, Painter, Newmarket

“Our students really enjoyed the play. They were extremely impressed with the characterization and really found themselves drawn into the characters. They also appreciated the staging and many of them commented on how the scenes were so effectively changed by just using the bed and lighting. It was a great learning experience for them to see something so effective staged simply.” - Sally Holdsworth, Drama Teacher, Twin Lakes Secondary School, Orillia

“The show was great...gentle but delightfully twisted. The characters delivered well the brave and winsome topics.” - Mr. Bennett, Songwriter, Toronto

“Oh my! I REALLY enjoyed it. Yes, it's a tragedy and there's a darkness to it but I can say that it provoked so much thought and feeling. And I really thought the actors were terrific. Joe was incredibly believable as an obviously mentally challenged individual. And I think the other two reflected how difficult it is for the rest of mainstream society to differentiate between mental illness and addiction and other things that might contribute to a person's mental state and well-being. I think it is such a necessary play.” - Lisa Haldenby, Toronto resident

“Saw The Ghosts of Mariposa last night. It pulled my heart from my chest, wrung it out and put it back so I could see what's there but I've missed. I laughed, cried...” - Allen Reeve, father of autistic child, Peterborough

“Rick and I wanted to let you know that we thoroughly enjoyed your play on Friday night! We thought your cast was very strong and did a great job with your script and story. The whole production was so smooth and the performances very emotional, especially that last scene! Rick was really moved by the characters due to his experiences working in Orillia, and I found it very inspiring to see your finished product.” - Jana Clendenning, Writer

“BRILLIANT! FULL HOUSE! The cast were exemplary again making your words ring out with empathy and compassion. Thanks, Steve. I had to go back!” - Andrea Lee-Burnett, Orillia resident

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